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Optimal inventory control and allocation for sequential Internet auctions 刘树人 2015-04-01 SCIE Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research
Interaction between FOXO1A-209 Genotype and Tea Drinking is Significantly Associated with Reduced Mortality at Advanced Ages Yi Zeng(外),陈华帅,Ting Ni(外),Rongping Ruan(外),Chao Nie(外),Xiaomin Liu(外),Lei Feng(外),Fengyu Zhang(外),Jiehua Lu(外),Jianxin Li(外),Yang Li(学),Wei Tao(外),Simon G Gregory(外),William Gottschalk(外),Michael W. Lutz(外),Kenneth C. Land(外),Anatoli Yashin(外),Qihua Tan(外),Ze Yang(外),James W. Vaupel(外) 2015-12-01 SCIE Rejuvenation research
Connectedness of Julia sets for a quadratic random dynamical system 龚志民 2004-01-01 SCIE,SCI ERGODIC THEORY AND DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS



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