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Research on the Green Human Resource Management Dynamic Model-Based on the "Tristate Harmony" Perspecti 刘婷 2012-01-01 International Conference on Management Innovation and Public Policy (ICMIPP) CPCI-S
Study on the Flexibility of Supply Chains: Based on Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Innovation 刘婷 2012-01-01 International Conference on Management Innovation and Public Policy (ICMIPP) CPCI-S
Research on Contract Governance Grid Theory and Governance Mode of Family Business 田银华 2011-01-01 International Conference on Information and Business Intelligence (IBI 2011) CPCI-S
preliminary exploration on the cost of technological learning 刘洪伟 2010-01-01 International Conference on Management of Technology, NOV 20-23, 2009 CPCI-S
Discussion on the nature of the enterprise and boundary model 肖正再,黄冰 2006-01-01 PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2006 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MANAGEMENT SCIENCE & ENGINEERING (13TH), VOLS 1-3 CPCI-S
Mining video hierarchical structure for efficient management and access 付畅俭 2007-01-01 PROCEEDINGS OF 2006 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MACHINE LEARNING AND CYBERNETICS, VOLS 1-7 CPCI-S
Using the Grey Relation Analysis in the Evaluation of E-commerce Affection Factors 刘湘蓉,赵国杰 2008-05-01 SEVENTH WUHAN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON E-BUSINESS, VOLS  I-III - UNLOCKING THE FULL POTENTIAL OF GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CPCI-S
An Empirical Study on the Affecting Factors of Consumer Online Buying in China 谢凤华,古家军 2008-12-01 PROCEEDINGS OF THE 5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INNOVATION & MANAGEMENT, VOLS I AND II CPCI-S
Managing Tacit Knowledge in Multinational Companies: An Integrated Model of Knowledge Creation Spiral and Knowledge Fermenting 刘亚军,曾朝晖 2008-09-01 2008 IEEE SYMPOSIUM ON ADVANCED MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION FOR GLOBALIZED ENTERPRISES, PROCEEDINGS CPCI-S
Comparison Study on Impacts of Internet on Service Trade in China, America and South Korea 刘湘蓉 2008-10-18 2008 4TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, NETWORKING AND MOBILE COMPUTING, VOLS 1-31 CPCI-S



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