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GxE Interactions Between FOXO Genotypes and Tea Drinking Significantly Affect Cognitive Disability at Advanced Ages in China Zeng Yi(1)(外),陈华帅(2),Ting Ni(3)(外),Rongping Ruan(4)(外),Lei Feng(5)(外) 2014-03-01 The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences SSCI
Implications of Changes in Households and Living Arrangements for Future Home-Based Care Needs and Costs for Disabled Elders in China Zeng Yi(1)(外),陈华帅(2),Wang Zhenlian(3)(外),Kenneth C. Land(4)(外) 2014-09-10 Journal of aging and health SSCI
Health Consequences of Familial Longevity Influence Among the Chinese Elderly 陈华帅(2) 2012-09-05 Journals of Gerontology SSCI
Effects of Foxo Genotypes on Longevity: A Biodemographic Analysis 陈华帅(3) 2010-12-01 Journal of Gerontology SSCI
Optimal Procurement Strategies by Reverse Auctions with Stochastic Demand 刘树人(1) 2013-09-01 Economic Modelling SSCI
Pseudo-transformational Leadership is in the Eyes of the Subordinates 林裘绪,黄佩琪(外),陈世哲(外),黄良志(外) 2015-07-04 JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS SSCI
Education and Psychological Distress of Older Chinese Exploring the Longitudinal Relationship and Its Subgroup Variations Zhang Wei(外),陈华帅,Feng Quishi(外) 2015-07-01 Journal of Aging and Health A&HCI,SSCI
The impact of FDI on the production networks between China and East Asia and the role of the U.S. and ROW as final markets 周静(1),Maria C. Latorre(2)(外) 2014-09-03 Global Economic Review SSCI
How FDI influences the triangular trade pattern among China, East Asia and the U.S.? A CGE analysis of the sector of Electronics in China 周静(1),Maria C. Latorre(2)(外) 2014-04-17 Economic Modelling SSCI
Housing Affordability and Housing Vacancy in China: The Role of Income Inequality Zhang, Chuanchuan, Shen Jia and Rudai Yang 2016  Journal of Housing Economics (SSCI) SSCI
“Who Benefits from Agglomeration Economies During Economic Transition? Firm-Level Evidence from China” Howell, Anthony, Canfei He, Rudai Yang and Cindy Fan 2016  Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society (SSCI) SSCI
Instability of Migrant Labor Supply in China: Evidence from Source Areas for 1987–2008 Yuan, Yan, Zhao Rong, Rudai Yang and Liu Yang 2015  Eurasian Geography and Economics (SSCI) SSCI
Does Corporate Governance Enhance Common Interests of Shareholders and Primary Stakeholders? Zhong, Ninghua, Shujing Wang and Rudai Yang 2015  Journal of Business Ethics (SSCI) SSCI
Finance and Growth for Microenterprises: Evidence from Rural China Beck, Thorsten, Liping Lu and Rudai Yang 2015  World Development (SSCI) SSCI
Determinants of Firm Failure: Empirical Evidence from China He, Canfei and Rudai Yang 2016 Growth and Change (SSCI) SSCI
The Productivity Puzzle of Chinese Exporters: Perspectives of Local Protection and Spillover Effects  Yang, Rudai and Canfei He 2014  Papers in Regional Science (SSCI) SSCI
Indigenous Characteristics of Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Conceptual Paradigm Xu, Shangkun and Rudai Yang 2010 Journal of Business Ethics (SSCI) SSCI
Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese Firms and Its Impacts on Corporate Social Capital: An Empirical Study Based on 1268 Manufacture Firms Investigation Xu, Shangkun, Rudai Yang and Xiang Dai 2008  International Journal of Psychology (SSCI) SSCI
Does Banking Competition Alleviate or Worsen Credit Constraints Faced by Small and Medium Enterprises? Evidence from China Terence Tai-Leung Chong、陆立平、Steven Ongena 2013  Journal of Banking and Finance SSCI
Pitfalls in Market Timing Test 朱家祥、陆立平、史震涛 2009  Economics Letters SSCI
 Brand-related and situational influences on demand elasticity 颜霁(第二作者) 2011 Journal of Business Research (SSCI) SSCI
A behavioural-economic analysis of the essential value of brands 颜霁(排名第二) 2011 Behavioural Processes (SSCI) SSCI
Patterns of Reinforcement and the Essential Value of Brands I 颜霁(排名第一) 2011 The Psychological Record (SSCI) SSCI
Patterns of Reinforcement and the Essential Value of Brands II 颜霁(排名第一) 2011 The Psychological Record (SSCI) SSCI
Causality analysis of public participation, government regulation and environment pollutions 田堃(通讯作者,排名第二); 2011 Perspectives of Innovation in Economics and Business SSCI
VAR Analysis of Foreign DirectInvestment and Environment Regulation:China's Case 田堃(通讯作者,排名第二) 2011  Business and Economic Horizons SSCI



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